Fuji Instax Mini Polaroid Instant Camera

Fuji Instax Mini Camera

Let me be honest with you, there are currently five models in the Fuji Instax Mini Camera range – source: http://www.fujiinstaxmini.com – and choosing between them is not easy to do.

I have been reading all the latest reviews of Fuji Instax and other Polaroid cameras, based on the online reviews from http://www.amazon.com customers I have managed to narrow my choice down to a Top 3.

Before I reveal my shortlist let me share some of the criteria which I used in selecting my favourite Fuji Instax Mini Polaroid Instant Camera:

First is that the camera must have a selfie mode and be optimally set up to enable my friends and I to shoot selfies when we are hanging out at the weekends. The good thing is that most of the recent Fuji cameras come equipped with selfie mode.

One neat additional feature I like to see is a selfie mirror on the front of the camera. For example this is supplied as standard on the Fuji Instax mini 70 camera.

The second feature I look for when shortlisting my Instax camera is that it must come with AA batteries as opposed to the lithium ion battery that some of the newer cameras come with.

A good example of this is the Fuji Instax Mini Neo 90 classic camera that features a lithium ion battery and hence did not make my final list. I must confess this was a bit of a shame as I really like the stylish design of the Instax Mini 90.

The third and final criteria for my selection was price. It sounds very obivous and simple but for me this was a dealbreaker and I refused to pay over $100 US dollars for my instant camera (unless the camera was exceptional and showed qualities which are far superior to its competition).

Having carefully considered the cameras available I created a microsoft excel spreadsheet (geeky I know lol) and analysed the range and scored points based on my selection criteria.

Here are my Top 3 Fuji Instax Mini Cameras

1. Fuji Instax Mini 8 – this has been a bestseller for Fuji in 2017 and with good reason: it is incredibly well priced, easy to use and comes with an automatic selection for the four zoom settings helping you to choose the best setting with ease.

The only negative is that the camera looks a bit plastic toy like however that was not a total disaster for me.

2. Fuji Instax Mini 70 – this is the latest of the Instax range and although it did not meet my criteria based on price I just love the look and feel of the Mini 70 and so I confess I broke my own rules haha.

This camera comes in a wicked midnight blue colour which looks stunning and in my opinion sets it apart from all the other cameras in the Fuji range.

3. Fuji Instax Mini 25 – not an obvious choice however it offers all the benefits of the Instax Mini 8 and more. I like the selfie mode and the white colour looks pretty cool too.

Well there you have it, my Top 3 Fuji Instax Mini Cameras based on a personal selection criteria to match my requirements. For more on this and other Instax cameras be sure to check out http://www.fujiinstaxmini.com.


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